Is Donald Trump’s Former Campaign Manager Lewandowski ‘Tired Of Winning’ Already? [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager said that the sign Paul Manafort resigned as campaign chairman “demonstrates how serious they are.”

Appearing on CNN’s “At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan,” Kate Bolduan said, “You retweeted something this morning, this: ‘Lewandowski is winning so much, even he may get tired of winning.’ There’s no secret there’s no love lost between you and Paul Manafort anyone who has covered the campaign knows that. What did you mean by that retweet?” (RELATED: Paul Manafort Has Resigned From The Trump Campaign)

“Well look, Sasha Issenberg, who is a political professional, put that out, and one of the things we had talked about many, many times in the campaign and Donald Trump said is you’re going to be tired of winning and I can tell you I will never get tired of winning,” Lewandowski replied. “I thought it was pretty appropriate because as we continued to win –”

“How did you win on this one, Corey,” Bolduan followed up.

“I didn’t win but I thought it was funny because you know what it is people think I won. I had nothing to do with this,” Lewandowski replied. “This was about Donald Trump. He’s running for president. This is about what is best for Donald Trump, what is best for the American people, and what is best to lay out his case that Hillary Clinton is not prepared to be the president of the United States. This is the step the campaign has taken to continue to demonstrate how serious they are, that it is moving forward and that it is ready for the next 81 days.”

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