Priebus: ‘The Only Work That The Clinton Foundation Is Doing Is Lining The Pockets Of Bill And Hillary Clinton’

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Reince Priebus called for an investigation into the Clinton Foundation on Tuesday arguing, “It seems like the only work that the Clinton Foundation is doing is lining the pockets of Bill and Hillary Clinton.”

In an interview on The Mike Gallagher Show, Priebus said that Clinton “has got a big problem now with 15,000 more emails in the hands of the FBI and maybe [FBI Director] James Comey needs to get back to work and reevaluate where his conclusions led him a month ago and look at these emails and find out what was done.” (RELATED: Clinton Foundation Put On Charity ‘Watch List’ Along With Al Sharpton’s Shady Nonprofit)

Clinton’s “problems are going to continue,” Priebus said. Adding, “I think the upside for Donald Trump is far higher than the upside for Hillary. She has a ceiling and I really think it’s in Donald Trump’s hands. I think another solid week, you’re already seeing some of the polling start to tighten across the country, it’s not Labor Day yet. I believe he’s in this thing and I think he’s had a good turn around here.” (RELATED: Bahrain’s Prince Got Audience With Clinton After Donating $32 Million To Her Foundation)

Gallagher then asked Priebus if Trump was right to call for a special prosecutor to investigation Clinton and Clinton Foundation during the time period she was secretary of state to which the chairman said, “Absolutely.” (RELATED: MSNBC’s Mitchell: Trump’s Call For Special Prosecutor Is ‘Getting Into Clinton’s Head’ [VIDEO])

“There has to be a full accounting of where this money came from,” Priebus said. Adding that there should be an “accounting” of the funds that came from foreign governments in order to “be able to track this money and what it was used for. And whether or not anyone profited from these arraignments.”

“You look at Hillary and Bill Clinton’s speech income, there are many cases that are directly affiliated with the same places that are giving this money in large chunks to the Clinton Foundation.”

Regarding the prospect of the Clinton Foundation doing “great work,” Priebus said, “Well, I don’t know what great work they do. I mean the fact is they’ve got about 80 percent in overhead and 20 percent of the money is actually getting into the places it should.”

“It seems like the only work that the Clinton Foundation is doing is lining the pockets of Bill and Hillary Clinton. That to me should be investigated,” Priebus insisted. “On top, she is giving away state secrets through her secret server and forwarding things that she shouldn’t be forwarding. You put all of that together and you have a person who should be disqualified from being president of the United States.”

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