NYPD Tell Caribbean Festival Goers ‘Do Not Shoot Anyone’

Derek Hunter Contributor
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It’s called J’Ouvert, an annual celebration of Caribbean culture happening this Labor Day. In New York City, an otherwise happy occasion has developed a recent history of violence, including the murder of an aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo at the 2015 festival. In an attempt to head off problems this year, the NYPD in Crowne Heights, where the celebration is taking place, has peppered the area with leaflets warning revelers “Do not shoot anyone” and “Do not stab anyone.”

The flyers warns acts of violence will be “investigated and prosecuted.”

Ahead of the Labor Day festivities, the NYPD arrested 35 members of the Franklin Avenue Family Crew, a gang known for dealing heroin and cocaine in the area. Police seized 10 guns, three pounds of marijuana, a kilo of cocaine and some heroin, according to the New York Post.