VIDEO: House Candidate Calls Hillary ‘Honest,’ Crowd Roars With Laughter

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Democratic House candidate Charlie Crist got an unexpected response at a debate Monday night when he tried to praise Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s honesty, only to have the crowd break out in laughter.

Crist, formerly Florida’s Republican governor, switched parties in 2013 and is now trying to unseat Republican Rep. David Jolly in the state’s 13th district. The two held a debate Monday night, during which Crist was asked whether he would be backing Clinton for president.

“I am,” Crist said. “I am proud of Hillary Clinton. I think she has been a very good Secretary of State, [and] a very good senator from the state of New York. The thing I like most about her is I believe that she is steady. I believe that she is strong. I believe that she is honest.”

As soon as Crist let out the word “honest,” the crowd made it clear exactly how it felt about that label.


While Clinton was initially considered more honest and trustworthy than Republican nominee Donald Trump, several recent scandals and controversies have reversed that trend.

The biggest factor is likely Clinton’s email scandal, in which she created a private email server outside of Department of State control and then repeatedly misrepresented its nature once it was revealed.

Clinton has also been accused of obscuring her personal health by hiding a pneumonia diagnosis, and the campaign has resurrected old fibs like her claim to have dodged sniper fire after landing in Bosnia. (RELATED: Hillary’s Email Apology Contains Four Sentences, Four Clever Falsehoods)

A recent poll by CNN found that 50 percent of voters considered Trump the more trustworthy of the two candidates, while just 35 percent felt that way about Clinton.

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