Creepy Clown Sightings Sweep The Nation

India Ingersoll Contributor
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This summer there have been numerous clown sightings across the country, often at night. Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky have dealt with the clowns in the past few months. Here is the rundown.

Maryland: three different incidents involving clowns approaching children were reported to the Annapolis Police this week. Only children have seen them.

Georgia: In Hogansville, two clowns were reported to police for parking in a white van and beckoning to children walking by.

Alabama: Last Thursday, two Alabama schools were shut down in fear of “Flomo Klowns.” The group had a Facebook page that posted on Wednesday, “I kill people for a living,” and “It’s going down tonight” with a smiley face emoji and a gun.

Kentucky: On Monday in London, Ky., a woman posted a picture of a clown in the dark by a highway sign.

North Carolina: Tuesday Sept. 6, a man chased a clown he saw in the woods next to an apartment complex.

South Carolina: This is the state with the most sightings — 10 since August. People have reported seeing them along sides of the roads and near the woods at night. One woman was followed home by four clowns in a black car. Another claim her son had seen the clowns, who made noises at him to lure him into the woods. When she went to check she saw a few clowns “flashing green laser lights” and then running away.

Is this part of a larger movement? Horror-fiction writer Stephen King even thinks it’s creepy. He believes it is “low-level hysteria, like slenderman.” If the guy who thought up Carrie and the Shining thinks something is creepy, you know there is reason for concern.