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Okay, I’m Done With Weiner Jokes Forever

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It was funny when Anthony Weiner messed up the first time, tweeting out a dong pic and then trying and disastrously failing to blame it on Andrew Breitbart. It was even funnier when he destroyed his NYC mayoral campaign by sexting with some airhead from Evansville, IN. But it got a lot less funny when he sent a very inappropriate family photo to a still-unnamed, fortyish Trump supporter who really, really takes care of herself. And now the humor value has finally run out.

Alana Goodman, Daily Mail:

Anthony Weiner carried on a months-long online sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl during which she claims he asked her to dress up in ‘school-girl’ outfits for him on a video messaging application and pressed her to engage in ‘rape fantasies’, DailyMail.com can exclusively report.

The girl, whose name is being withheld by DailyMail.com because she is a minor, said the online relationship began last January while she was a high school sophomore and before Weiner’s wife, Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin, announced she was ended [sic] their marriage.

More gruesome details at the link. If you can stomach it.

I had qualms about the anonymity of Weiner’s previous sexting pal, and I still want to know how the NY Post got those private messages he sent to Mystery Brunette. (If they’ve ever revealed how, I missed it.) But at least that was between two consenting adults. This isn’t.

The girl’s parents are asking anybody else with a similar story to step forward. At this point, nothing about this creep will surprise me. I used to feel a little bit sorry for him, wondered if I was being too harsh, but not anymore.

If you’ve ever defended Anthony Weiner, or tried to blame his actions on his political opponents, pat yourself on the back today. Good job.