Silicon Valley Professionals ‘Microdosing’ LSD Before Work

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India Ingersoll Contributor
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Some Silicon Valley professionals are taking tiny amounts of psychedelic drugs, “microdosing,” to improve their work experience, Wired reports.

Typically, the people who do this take a small quantity of LSD or psilocybin mushrooms every few days to enhance their work performance. These doses tend to be a tenth of a whole dose, a href=”” target=”_blank”>according to Wired, so users don’t experience the “trip” that most psychedelic drug users would.

“Microdosers” say that this amount of drugs reduces anxiety, clarified thinking, and improved concentration. Essentially, like taking Adderal or Ritalin. According to, microdosing mushrooms assists with quitting smoking, dealing with ADD/ADHD, and helps relieve depression. It also helps with reducing irritability, so users may not be so annoyed at the guy in the office constantly clicking his pen. Overall leading to a better working experience, for both the employer and the employee.

ThirdWave’s site also says, “As Dr. Fadiman says in the Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide, ‘People are saying, ‘After a month or more of microdosing, I’m eating better; I’m nicer to my kids; I’m not as upset when people behave badly. One man was saying, ‘I’m so much more in the present. I used to, even when I was enjoying something, really be thinking about what I was going to do when it was over and so forth. Now when I’m doing something, I’m actually doing it.'”

The amount of people microdosing is increasing.

Wired reports that, “A Reddit forum dedicated to the practice has grown its subscriber base from 1,600 at the start of 2015 to almost 7,500 in mid-June 2016. Google search volumes for the term ‘microdosing’ have grown at a similar rate.”

People are looking for ways to enhance their lives, but a full dose of LSD isn’t everyone’s cup of tea-nor can most people work a full-time job each day under the influence.