US Army Accidentally Tweeted ‘Trump Lies’

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The U.S. Army accidentally posted an overtly political article to its Twitter account Monday entitled, “Trump Lies Once Every 3 Minutes, 15 Seconds.”

This gaffe was quickly captured by the Facebook page “US Army W.T.F! moments,” at which point the admins of that page Tuesday proceeded to knock the Army for making such a blunder.

“Here at USAWTFM, we treat our page and our Twitter account very seriously,” one of the admins of the page stated. “Our admins have clearances, great levels of responsibility, and some of us could be professionally ruined for being involved with this page. As many of you may know, we’re also IDIOTS. With that said, you don’t see us ‘accidentally’ posting links to partisan political viewpoints on our online presences.”

The piece discussing the apparent lies of GOP nominee Donald Trump is featured on the site the “New Civil Rights Movement,” which has the goal of forwarding the rights of the LGBT community.

Following awareness of the Twitter debacle, the Army told Military.com that an employee had “mistakenly posted a political article to the Army’s Twitter page that was intended for her personal account.”

That employee’s access to the Army Twitter account has since been suspended.

“The post is not the official position of the US Army,” the statement to Military.com reads. “We apologize for any confusion this may have caused our followers.”

Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, servicemembers are prohibited from any connection with politics as servicemembers, as that may give off the appearance that the military backs one candidate over another. What servicemembers do in their personal lives is another matter, but they are not allowed to attend or speak at any political rallies while in uniform, in order to ensure the neutrality of the armed forces.

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