University Of Michigan To Students: ‘There Is An Infinite Number Of Pronouns’


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There is no limit to the number of gender pronouns a person can use to define their gender identity, according to a resource created by the University of Michigan.

The public university, which recently launched an online tool to let students change their pronouns on university records with just a click, created a “designated pronoun” resource designed to educate the university community about gender pronouns.

While the resource includes examples of gender neutral pronouns (Ze/Zir/Zirs/Zirself), the university notes that students shouldn’t feel limited by the options presented.

“Please note that these are not the only pronouns,” the resource states. “There is an infinite number of pronouns as new ones emerge in our language. Always ask someone for their pronouns.” (RELATED: D.C. Will Fine You For Calling A Transgender Person The ‘Wrong’ Pronouns)

“Designated pronouns are used to refer to other people in the third person (he, she, they, ze, etc),” the resource explains. “In order to affirm one another, it is important that we use designated pronouns. This simple effort can make a profound difference in trans and gender nonconforming people’s experiences of safety, respect, and support.”

One conservative student responded to the policy change by claiming the designated pronouns “His Majesty.” (RELATED: Conservative Student Is Now ‘His Majesty’ After University Of Michigan Lets Everyone Make Up Their Own Pronouns)

In response to the pronoun prankster, one UM professor reportedly threatened to punish students who chose similarly “disrespectful” pronouns.

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