More Than 60 Shots Fired In Midtown Atlanta Shootout

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A shootout in Midtown Atlanta left 19 vehicles damaged after more than 60 rounds were fired late Thursday night, according to police.

Although significant damage occurred, nobody was injured in the shooting that took place on the corner of Crescent Avenue and 13th Street.

An initial report was issued at about 11:30 p.m. of a “person with an Ak-47 entering a parking deck,” according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Police discovered rounds from at least four different guns on the scene and found an AK-47 rifle in the bushes of a parking lot nearby.

Although nobody was injured in the shootout, witness James Keaton Maxwell said the incident was “literally too close to home,” the AJC reports. “I heard yelling and it wasn’t like drunk or angry yelling. It was fear.”

Atlanta police Officer Kim Jones said that, in addition to the cars, several buildings were struck by bullets in the shooting. Bullets hit the Mayfair condominiums in the area which reputed a water line causing some flooding inside. The Atlanta Marriott Suites Midtown moved some hotel guests after their room was struck by bullets from the shootout.

“Units blocked streets with access into the immediate area,” Jones said. “The deck was searched, but no suspect or weapon was found.”

The shootout took place nearly a year after Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed developed a “multi-pronged plan” to curb the increase in crime in the Midtown area.

Around 100 vehicles in the area “were held until evidence was collected,” but no arrests have been made on the case.

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