Clinton Campaign Manager Is NOT A Fan Of Washington Post’s Biggest Politics Blog

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Robby Mook, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign manager, threw serious shade at the editor of The Fix blog at the Washington Post in a 2014 email exchange leaked by hacktivist site WikiLeaks.

“I think Cilliza [sic] is totally missing the mark (as usual if you ask me!),” Mook said in an email exchange with Cheryl Mills and John Podesta concerning an article Chris Cillizza wrote for The Fix.

Cillizza, who runs The Fix, one of the biggest D.C. politics blogs, recommended in a 2014 article that Clinton embrace her place in history as the first woman with a true shot at winning the White House in order to succeed in the 2016 election. (RELATED: Chris Cillizza Brags That WaPo’s ‘The Fix’ Beats ALL Of Politico)

“Embracing rather than running from or ignoring the history Clinton can make could well reverse her fortunes in 2016,” Cillizza wrote.

Cillizza’s opinion ran counter to the narrative Clinton’s political advisors were considering for her presidential campaign.

Cheryl Mills, former chief of staff of Clinton’s Department of State, shared the article with Mook, commenting, “Interesting how hard this narrative is being pushed.”

After Mook discredited Cillizza’s political acumen, he explained that for Clinton’s 2016 campaign, “running on her gender would be the SAME mistake as 2008.”

Making the campaign about gender would be “risky because injecting gender makes her candidacy about HER and not the voters and making their lives better,” Mook continued. (RELATED: Report: Hillary Dropped Gender Talk After Negative Internal Polling [VIDEO])

Mills then shared the March 22, 2014, email exchange with Podesta, whose private emails were hacked presumably by a foreign organization and released by WikiLeaks.

Podesta agreed with Mook’s assessment, adding that “gender will be a big field and volunteer motivator, but won’t close the deal.”

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