Curt Schilling Defends Trump’s ‘Locker Room Talk’ VIDEO]

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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MLB legend Curt Schilling went to bat for Donald Trump over what the candidate called “locker room” talk following leaked audio of him in 2005 making sexually aggressive comments about women.

In an interview on Fox Business Thursday, host Trish Regan asked Schilling what his reaction was when he heard the conversation between Trump and Billy Bush and comments Trump made in a CBS interview joking about dating a young girl in 10 years. (RELATED: Biden: Trump Acknowledged ‘That He Engaged In The Textbook Definition Of Sexual Assault’)


“I want to back up one second, because I have been listening, and taking it that you are a conservative like I am for the most part,” Schilling said. “The conversation you are having about the things he said about the 10-year-old girl to me is at the very heart of why this is a problem. How many times have you looked at a young man and said ‘Wow, he’s a beautiful young man’ or ‘Wow he’s a gorgeous young man?’” (RELATED: Curt Schilling HAMMERS The Media’s Coverage Of Donald Trump)

Regan answered “Zero.”

Schilling didn’t believe her and said that “now that’s a lie.”

“There’s no way you haven’t seen somebody else’s son and said ‘Wow, he’s beautiful,'” he added.

“And thought I’m going to be dating him in 10,” Regan responded. “No, sorry you’re on your own on this one.”

“No, I am not on my own on this one — because I have boys — my youngest son is a gorgeous young man and I have heard women say ‘Wow he’s a beautiful young boy,'” Schilling said.  “To jump to the point where you’re insinuating like something like pedophilia or molestation is where you’re going with this, because he is joking about “wow when she gets older I am going to date her.'”

“I mean how do you get from there to being revolted and disgusted?”

Regan told Schilling if she saw a young boy she wouldn’t say she would date him in 10 years because “that would be pretty sad if I did.”

“So, you tell me you see a 10-year-old girl and you think yeah I am going to date her,” Reagan asked the former major league pitcher.

“No, I have a daughter, my daughter has friends and I’ve seen my daughter’s friends, I am a man… ‘Wow, she’s a beautiful young lady,'” Schilling responded. “I don’t immediately jump to molesting her, but that’s where the left has gotten.”

“Do you want someone who talks in a way that makes you uncomfortable and has said things that you think are despicable and reprehensible or do you want someone who has actually done those things, which she [Hillary Clinton’s] done, from Benghazi to Haiti to the Clinton Foundation to Juanita Broderick and the women her husband assaulted.”