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This Week’s Gun News: The Debate, Gun Free Waffle House Keeps Getting Robbed, Top 10 List

Harold Hutchison Freelance Writer
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Hillary Doubles Down on Supreme Court

During the second presidential debate, Hillary Clinton doubled down on the type of justices she would appoint to the Supreme Court. While her initial answer focused on abortion and gay marriage (both of which were made legal by judicial fiat), keep in mind that repeatedly throughout the campaign, she has spoken out against the Heller decision that tossed out the D.C. handgun ban. It’s a safe bet that any Hillary appointee to the Supreme Court will either overturn Heller entirely, or come up with some other excuse to justify gun bans.

When Hillary said, “I believe there should be comprehensive background checks, and we should close the gun show loophole, and close the online loophole,” she wasn’t telling the whole truth. She also wants a semi-auto ban like those in California and New Jersey, and she certainly wouldn’t object to achieving Dianne Feinstein’s “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn `em in” if she thought that was possible.

It’s time for some straight talk: Donald Trump, as imperfect as he is, is all that stands between us and the loss of our Second Amendment rights. Not only is Antonin Scalia’s seat vacant, but there are several justices who are very close to retirement. We can either secure the Second Amendment for a generation, and possibly even knock out the laws in states dominated by anti-gun politicians, or we can watch as the entire country suffers as those in California and New Jersey do.

But it goes beyond that. There have been some disturbing developments over the past year and a half that you should think about some more. The Democrats on the Federal Election Commission are trying to outlaw talk radio and other conservative media outlets. The recent attacks by Democratic attorneys general and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse on so-called “climate change deniers” could easily be used to go after pro-Second Amendment activists – and it is easy to imagine that in a Hillary Clinton Administration, the Department of Justice will join those efforts. That doesn’t take into account what Hillary’s Administration would allow – or tacitly encourage – other Lois Lerners in various government agencies to do.

Not only the Second Amendment is at stake in this election: The ability to persuade the American people to support candidates and legislation that protect our Second Amendment rights is at stake. Gary Johnson cannot stop Hillary, nor can Evan McMullin. The only safe vote for protecting the Second Amendment on November 8, is Donald Trump.

Gun-Free Zone Hit Twice in Three Weeks

Waffle House, a restaurant chain in the South, has declared its restaurants to be gun-free zones. How did that work out?

Well, let’s see. One location in Coweta County, Georgia has been robbed twice in less than a month. It’s not the only one. It seems that once again, gun-free zones have not accomplished their stated objective. Instead, as has been the case all too often, the bad guys find them to be safe zones for whatever they have in mind. Fortunately, in this case, only money was taken from those restaurants. But gun-free zones have had far more tragic results in places like Orlando and San Bernardino, to name a couple of places.

On the other hand, when a good guy at the scene has a gun and can fight back, like at St. Cloud, Minnesota or the Clackamas Town Center, the tragedy is either averted or mitigated. So what does common sense tell you should be done?

Non-Enforcement Continues

One of the reasons that the National Instant Check System (NICS) works is that it theoretically offers the chance to help catch those who try to illegally buy firearms. Well, a report by the Justice Department’s Inspector General indicates that prosecutions for denied purchases under NICS have gone way down under the Obama Administration.

Never mind that under 18 USC 922(a)(6), it is illegal to lie on Form 4473. Every denial is a potential violation of that provision, worth a 10-year prison term. Furthermore, when you have something as easy to prove as lying on the form (it asks you if you are prohibited from owning firearms), one has to ask why that law is not being used?

Apartment Robbery Goes Bad – For The Crooks

When two would-be robbers broke into a Muncie, Indiana apartment, it turned out to be a fatal failure in the victim selection process for one of them. The resident, it turned out, happened to have a gun, and opened fire on the apartment invaders. One was killed on the spot, the other was wounded, and apprehended when he went to a hospital for treatment.

When seconds counted, cops were minutes away. Fortunately, the presence of a gun in the hands of a good person prevented a tragedy from taking place.

A Good Top Ten List

We know gun-grabbers don’t have good arguments. So, on a lighter note for this weekend (when you’re not working to help get pro-Second Amendment candidates elected to office in the November 8 election), here is a top ten list of stupid quotes from some gun-grabbers from Hollywood and in politics. Enjoy!

Harold Hutchison