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James Carville On The Election: ‘Well, Of Course There Will Be Some Fraud’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The man known as the Ragin’ Cajun has spoken.

Democratic strategist and avid Clinton supporter James Carville weighed in on the final presidential debate from New Orleans Wednesday night between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Appearing on MSNBC, Carville acknowledged to anchor Brian Williams, “Well, of course there will be some fraud.”


Carville gave Clinton’s performance high marks. But he basically thought it was a wash.

“She might be slightly better off,” he said. “At a minimum I think we’re faced with same situation we had five hours ago — which is a pretty favorable thing for Hillary and the Democrats going into the election. …We’re taking this puppy into the house right now.”

Carville predicted that Trump will be a poor loser.

[dcquiz] “Once you lose an election you become diminished,” he said. “He loses this thing like I suspect is going to happen, he’s not going to look good on election night. Will he be able to conduct some kind of guerilla operation and take some people and do some kind of news something? That’s possible.”

And then….will this thing be rigged like Trump says it will be?

“To the question of will there be fraud?” he asked. “Well, of course there will be some fraud. You couldn’t have 130, 140 million people do something perfectly.”