Hillary Surrogate LITERALLY ZIPS HER LIPS When Pressed On WikiLeaks Emails [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm totally ignored a question from MSNBC’s Craig Melvin about Clinton world emails published by WikiLeaks.

Melvin began the question by noting that he “has not verified the authenticity of those emails, but in one of those, it’s revealed that you wanted to be considered for the energy secretary post when President Obama was elected back in ’08.”

“Was that email accurate, and would you be open to becoming energy secretary this time or around or open to another post in a Clinton administration?”

“I totally do not want to talk about anything beyond the election,” Granholm, a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, responded. “We’ve got to get her elected, and I don’t want to comment on speculation, but what I will say is this: Those WikiLeaks emails are part of the effort, I think, to divide Democrats.”

“A lot of what’s in there is just Democrat going at Democrat, and it’s part of the effort by WikiLeaks and the Russians, etc. to disrupt this election.”

“I would note that you did not deny wanting to be energy secretary back in 2008, though,” Melvin added.

Granholm responded by zipping her lips shut and shaking her head.

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