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IJR’s Deputy News Editor Is OBSESSED With Ranch Dressing


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Ranch dressing is obviously delicious.

But for a deputy news editor in the heat of a presidential election, is it really worthy of nine tweets?

Apparently Maegan Vazquez, the deputy news editor, for Independent Journal Review (sometimes known as IJR), thinks it is. She even responded to her own tweet about the salad dressing that can also be used as a vegetable dip.

The whole thing began Tuesday morning with a story in The Washington Post with the headline: “Ranch dressing is what’s wrong with America.”

Vazquez countered, “Ranch dressing is what’s great about America.”

Take that WaPo!

You’d think such an important exchange would end there.

But no.

She then answered her own tweet, writing, “The moral argument of this op-ed is p much unnecessary if we can get a vegan version of ranch … which I would probably eat.”

Vazquez then researched ranch dressing. She writes, “What is more American about ranch dressing than the story of its creators.” With that, she swiftly links to some history.

She’s not quite done.

Next she linked to a market that sells organic non-dairy vegan ranch dressing.

She likes this: “Vegan. ranch. dressing,” she writes, linking to the market.

Vazquez then retweeted “hellmouse” who wrote, “Ranch dressing IS America.”

And then she retweeted Dave Jorgensen, a member of IJR‘s creative team, who wrote, “There’s something magical about a plumber inventing ranch dressing.”

She continued her ranch dressing rant with Jorgensen and IJR reporter Joe Perticone.



Sigh of relief — the ranch dressing convention seems to end there.

On a sidenote, Vazquez has another weird obsession: It’s with The Daily Caller‘s new entertainment site called The Smoke Room. You can visit that here.

UPDATE: All hell could break loose at IJR. Perticone wrote on Twitter, “Ranch dressing is bad.”