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Montel Butters Up Female Pundits Donna Brazile And Ana Navarro


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Why Montel Williams is involving himself in the presidential election is beyond any rational human’s comprehension. He formerly backed Gov. John Kasich but switched to Team Hillary when he realized his candidate didn’t have a shot. Montel has long been a #NeverTrumper.

But fine. Since he has involved himself, why the hell is he sucking up to the likes of Donna Brazile and CNN commentator Ana Navarro?

Brazile recently “parted ways” with CNN after she lied and said she hadn’t leaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton when she did. CNN’s own media writer Dylan Byers called Brazile’s behavior “indefensible” on Tuesday. And CNN President Jeff Zucker, according to HuffPost, also called Brazile on the carpet, calling her interactions with the Clinton campaign “disgusting” and “unethical” during a Tuesday editorial meeting.

Montel gave Brazile a Halloween shout-out on Monday.


Ana Navarro recently played her fake Stradivarius violin for Kayleigh McEnany when she disagreed with something the Trumpette was bleating about in a CNN segment. Navarro is a #NeverTrumper who has consistently been described as a supporter to two loser candidates, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

Montel bizarrely issued a note of support for Navarro after she raised the possibility of being taken hostage and a Martian invasion.


Trump supporter and former aide Roger Stone was barred from appearing on CNN after he called Navarro an “entitled diva bitch,” a “pompous shithead” and “borderline retarded.”

The Mirror politely reached out to BIG Mirror fan Jonathan Franks, Montel’s political director, to find out why his boss sent such a  mushy tweet to Brazile after she blatantly lied.

Franks totally dodged the question and replied to my email on Twitter by publishing what I wrote and replying,  “I only comment on tweets sent the day the question is posed. Try to keep up next time – early bird gets the worm.”

I told Franks had I known he was going to screenshot my email I’d have made it mean. I subsequently wrote him a note calling him a “little bitch.”

Montel retweeted his political aide’s completely idiotic non-response.