How The Left Gets Away With Murder

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Moses Apostaticus Freelance Writer
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Time magazine this week has published an article entitled “Hillary Clinton’s Emailgate is an Attack on Women” by Professor Emerita of Linguistics Robin Lakoff from the University of California, Berkeley. In the article Professor Lakoff argues that the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s improper use of an unsecured personal email server is being driven not by concern for the law or national security, but is rather an attack on ‘public communication by a woman’.

Professor Lakoff thunders that she is mad because she is scared for all women in America. Apparently the women of America are the real target of the investigation.

The only reason the whole email flap has legs is because the candidate is female. Can you imagine this happening to a man? Clinton is guilty of SWF (Speaking While Female), and emailgate is just a reminder to us all that she has no business doing what she’s doing and must be punished, for the sake of all decent women everywhere. There is so much of that going around.

Well, Professor Lakoff, everyday Americans are mad too. They are mad, however, for very different reasons. Americans are mad because of the blatant disregard for the law and the national interest of America shown by a person running for the presidency.

To be fair, Professor Lakoff is not alone in her refusal to apply the same moral standards to Hillary Clinton as she would to, say, Donald Trump. A strategy of denial, obfuscation and projection has been widespread in the establishment media throughout this election campaign.

Whether it is questions being provided to Hillary Clinton prior to presidential debates or journalists cozying up to Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta and ignoring WikiLeaks revelations, it is clear the liberal media has had no interest in communicating the truth about Hillary to the American people. What can account for such universal double-dealing from the establishment media, academics and the rest of the leftist elite?

To understand this rampant dishonesty, we must investigate the roots of the modern American left.

Liberals in America today are the intellectual descendants of the New Left movement which took control of America’s university campuses and intellectual and artistic elites during the late 1960’s. New Left thinking emerged out of Marxist philosophy, particularly that of Central European immigrants such as Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer.

Marcuse’s 1965 book A Critique of Pure Tolerance had an enormous impact on New Left thought. In it, Marcuse argued that the classical liberal ideal of political tolerance as practiced in America had become exhausted and that instead only movements of the left should be tolerated. All political movements of the right, including the ability of those who oppose New Left ideology to speak and associate freely, are to be suppressed.

Such beliefs form the bedrock of liberal thinking in America today. For leftists, only their ideas, their agendas and their political candidates can be tolerated. This is why the establishment media, academics and the Hollywood elite are so unwilling to acknowledge any wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton. It is also why they are so dishonest in their treatment of Donald Trump.

Bill and Hillary Clinton came of age in the campus milieu of the early New Left movement. They have built their entire careers around it, gathering a coterie of leftist fanatics around them who share their moral relativism and zeal against traditional American society. For liberals today, all actions are justified if they advance the cause. It is not a giant leap to then simply believe that all actions are justified if you can get away with them.

For leftists, it doesn’t matter if Bill Clinton sexually assaulted women because Bill Clinton is a feminist. It doesn’t matter if Hillary Clinton endangered national security and conducted a pay-to-play scheme for foreign interests, because she is smashing the glass ceiling in the White House. To the left, it isn’t important that Huma Abedin edited a radical Islamic journal for 10 years because she is a brave icon for Muslim women everywhere.

Ann Coulter has argued for years that liberalism in America is a religion. Recent events are showing her to be correct. The moral standards by which everyday Americans live their lives and conduct their work are not those which are followed by elitist liberals in America. Leftists believe that their conduct is above reproach as they subscribe to more enlightened principles than the rest of us. They serve a higher principle. It’s a form of moral relativism which is at the heart of the corruption and illegality slowly being revealed to Americans during this election cycle.

For half a century now New Left radicals such as Professor Lakoff have made a very good living in the America they hate. They have preached their toxic ideology to millions of students, and the divisions we see growing in our nation today are the result. Hillary Clinton is a product, not a cause, of the New Left ideology which has spread throughout campuses across America. The culture of hypocrisy, dishonesty and lawlessness these beliefs create is now being exposed for all the world to see.