I Know You Aren’t Thinking About Socks And Underwear Right Now, But Here’s A Deal On Them Anyway

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If you are a Donald Trump supporter, today is basically an early Christmas. So, what better thing to think about than a potential Christmas gift? By that, I mean socks and underwear. Okay, that segue wasn’t terrific, but in all seriousness socks and underwear are up t0 60 percent off today on Amazon. And if you are a human being, the odds are you wear socks and underwear. Then again, yesterday the odds were heavily in Hillary’s favor and we all know how that turned out.

There are 415 items included in this sale. And since you surely could use a new pair of socks and a new pair of underwear, you really should check it out. As per usual, when Amazon says a deal offers “up to 60 percent off,” there are actually many examples of a greater discount, like this deal on boxers:

Normally $38, this 5-pack of boxers is actually 65 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $38, this 5-pack of boxers is actually 65 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Hanes Men’s Five-Pack Ultimate Tartan Boxers on sale for $12.99

Just as the deal consists of different types of underwear (boxers, briefs, undershirts, etc.), it also features a variety of socks such as athletic socks and dress socks. To get a better sense of the hundreds of options, visit the deal page.

Underwear & Socks — up to 60 percent off (and more)

Socks are on sale today (Photo via Shutterstock)

Socks are on sale today (Photo via Shutterstock)

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