Celebrate Trump’s Win With A Team Deplorable Shirt


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Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, largely because the regular working American – people Hillary Clinton deemed “deplorable” – turned out for him. He could not have won without folks like you doing their part to Make America Great Again.

Now, Trump must focus on fixing America’s problems. First, he must drain the swamp. If you want your very own “Drain the Swamp” T-shirt (or sweatshirt, or tank top), you can get one here:

This T-shirt comes in white, grey and blue (Bonfire)

This T-shirt is available in long-sleeves or short. And can be had in white, grey and blue (Bonfire)

But if you want to proudly celebrate Trump’s victory for the American worker, “Team Deplorable” shirts are available again:



Proceeds from shirts benefit Keeping Accountable Journalism Accessible To All

Think they are deplorable? Join them by getting a shirt! (Placeit)

They won it for him (Placeit)