Writer: Women Deserve Respect, Also 22 Million Of Them Are DEFINITELY Racist

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In a literal sob story, columnist Lindy West writes that women are not taken seriously in this country, and then dismisses the vote of tens of millions of women who voiced their opinion in the presidential election Tuesday.

West narrates the moment she burst into tears at the thought of Hillary Clinton becoming the first female president Tuesday morning in a New York Times opinion piece, saying she was overcome at the thought of a world in which women are respected.

“I cried because I don’t even know what it feels like to be taken seriously—not fully, not in that whole, unequivocal, confident way that’s native to handshakes between men,” she wrote. “I cried because it does things to you to always come in second.”

Trump’s win is a blow to all women and ensures they will continue to be dismissed, she writes. “We, as a culture, do not take women seriously on a profound level. We do not believe women. We do not trust women. We do not like women.”

West then dismisses out of hand the opinion of some 22 million white women who voted for Trump. She refuses to take them seriously, choosing instead to label them as racist based solely on the color of their skin and who they voted for.

“Those of us who have been left in the cold by this apparent affirmation of a white supremacist patriarchy (and sorry, white women who voted for Mr. Trump, but your shelter is illusory) are so tough,” she writes. “We have the popular vote. We have proof, in exit polls, that white women will pawn their humanity for the safety of white supremacy.”

West doesn’t address the non-white women who also voted for Trump. Among college educated women, 28 percent of hispanics voted for Trump, 19 percent of non-whites voted for Trump and 6 percent of blacks voted for Trump. Perhaps the fact that their voice makes up a substantially smaller part of the electorate mean they also should not be taken seriously.

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