EXCLUSIVE: UCLA Poli Sci Department Calls For Emergency Meeting In Wake Of Trump Victory


Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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The University of California, Los Angeles political science department has called for an emergency meeting Monday in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s presidential victory, according to an email sent to the entire UCLA political science department by the department chair that was obtained by The Daily Caller.

College campuses around America have struggled to cope with Trump’s victory. Expulsions have been demanded for students at Babson College who celebrated Trump’s victory, and anti-Trump protests have occurred on multiple campuses, including UCLA.

“It is clear that the unexpected election of Donald Trump and events that have occurred since have left many in our community and particularly many of our undergraduate students deeply anxious, fearful, and despondent,” UCLA political science department chair Jeff Lewis wrote in an email Sunday. He added that there have been reports about physical and verbal assaults on minorities, immigrants, Muslims, and members of gay community following Trump’s victory.

“Others less directly imperiled are nevertheless expressing deep anxiety about the resulting uncertainty and overall post-election climate of divisiveness, hostility and recrimination — and what all of this may mean more generally about the country and the future. And, of course, others still may feel relatively removed and are simply wondering what is happening. Particularly as political scientists, our students will look to us for guidance, understanding, and reassurance and, although we might ourselves be struggling, we must be ready,” Lewis continued to say.

The UCLA professor is calling for “an emergency meeting of all faculty and graduate students” Monday morning. Lewis wrote, “At this meeting, we will come together to discuss and inventory the fears and circumstances that students are facing and the resources available to help those in crisis. We will also discuss how best to constructively respond to students’ questions and concerns and develop some talking points that might, in some cases, be useful in providing reassurance.”

“If this all sounds a bit vague to you, we confess that it is. There is no playbook for this situation. It will have to be a collaborative effort. We are asking for your help,” the UCLA political science department chair continued.

The email was sent from Lewis and also signed by four other members of the UCLA political science department’s leadership.

Following Trump’s win announced early Wednesday morning, an email was sent to the UCLA student body that included the number for the school’s counseling and psychological services mental health center. And in another email Wednesday, this one sent to members of UCLA Greek Life, a dean let students know about resources to help deal with the election, which included a “safe and supportive space for undocumented students.”