FAKE NEWS FLASHBACK: CNN President Says BuzzFeed Not ‘Legitimate’ News Organization

CNN president Jeff Zucker (REUTERS)

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BuzzFeed News, which has been leading the charge against “fake news” — a label that others have inexplicably slapped on center-right news organizations like IJReview and The Blaze — isn’t a legitimate news organization, CNN president Jeff Zucker said in an interview last August.

“I don’t think Vice and BuzzFeed are legitimate news organizations,” Zucker said in an interview with Variety Magazine. “They are native advertising shops. We crush both of them. They are not even in our same class.”

A list of “fake” news sites compiled by Merrimack College professor Melissa Zimdars that has received fawning attention from the liberal press includes several websites that are definitely not “fake” — but lean to the right. Blatantly left-wing websites like the Huffington Post, meanwhile, were not deemed “fake.” (RELATED: Assistant Professor’s ‘Fake News’ List Has Breitbart, Not HuffPo)

The list has received coverage from organizations like the Los Angeles Times and New York Magazine, who amplified the unjustified charge against the conservative news organizations.

By press time, Zimdars had not yet returned The Daily Caller’s request for comment as to whether or not she would be adding BuzzFeed to the list of fake news organizations. (RELATED: After Royally Screwing Up The Election, The Media Wants Control Of Your Facebook News)

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