MSNBC Host Whines About Trump ‘Choosing His Homeboys’ To Serve In Administration [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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No matter who Donald Trump picks to fill out his cabinet, they likely won’t satisfy MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle.

On Friday’s broadcast, Ruhle and the Washington Post’s Robert Costa were discussing the possibility of Trump tapping Mitt Romney to be secretary of state.

“He’s got personal qualities that you shouldn’t like,” Ruhle said, imitating Romney’s criticisms of Trump during the election. “He’s unqualified for the job, but maybe I’ll be his secretary of state. Is that what we’re facing here?”


Costa responded by explaining that Trump’s meeting with Romney represents an effort to reunify the fractured Republican Party.

“The one thing about Romney and just the discussion of it, it’s a signal to the Republican establishment and Trump critics that though he’s bringing in the populists and the Steve Bannons of the world and the Mike Flynns, he is thinking about people like Reince Priebus, who was installed as chief of staff, and maybe a Mitt Romney or Gov. Nikki Haley for Secretary of State.”

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(Getty Images)

Still, that wasn’t enough for Ruhle.

“But Robert, does it matter if in the end he chooses his homeboys? Taking meetings with other people — could one say who cares?” she wondered aloud.

The president-elect’s transition team offered three key administration positions late Thursday night. (RELATED: Flynn ACCEPTS National Security Advisor)

According to reports, both retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and Rep. Mike Pompeo have agreed to serve as National Security Advisor and CIA Director, respectively.

Sen. Jeff Sessions has also reportedly been tapped to serve as attorney general.

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