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Jim Treacher’s Guide To Getting Through Thanksgiving 2016

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The 2016 election was the most divisive one since… well, since the last one. A lot of feelings were hurt. A lot of bridges were burned. A lot of hashtags were trending. It’s been exhausting for everybody.

With Thanksgiving coming up, you might be wondering how you’re going to get along with your relatives who didn’t vote the way you did. Things might get a little tense, but Uncle Red the Trump voter can still pass the stuffing and cranberry sauce to his niece Violet in the #ImWithHer t-shirt without a brawl breaking out. This is a time for family and togetherness, and we can all enjoy it as long as we remember a few simple rules.

Here they are, in order of importance:

  1. Don’t be a dick.
  2. That’s it.

Hope that helps.

If you decide you can’t put up with your relatives at all, and you refuse their invitation to sit with them in peace and enjoy a meal in the spirit of giving thanks… Okay. More mashed potatoes for the rest of us!