‘Animal Lover’ Apparently ‘Rescues’ Cats Only To Butcher Them

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A professed “animal lover” was recently caught butchering cats and selling the meat as rabbit meat to local restaurants, reports the Chengdu Business Daily.

Huang Pingfu, a resident of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, claimed to be an animal lover who rescued and cared for stray cats. He was busted last Tuesday for slaughtering literally tons of cats. When his operations were exposed, authorities seized one to two tons of cat carcasses. He sold 13 tons of cat meat the day prior to the bust.

Huang ran a rescue facility where around 20 cats supposedly lived in a luxurious home with air conditioning. Working with animal activists, Chengdu Business Daily secretly investigated his operations and discovered Huang’s sickening side business.

China’s Food and Drug Administration, Xindu and Longquan Yiqu Public Security Bureaus, and Animal Husbandry Bureau caught Huang in the act of butchering felines on Nov. 22.

Authorities raided a storage facility, an icehouse, and a slaughterhouse.

“This is not illegal. What’s wrong with me buying and selling cats?” Huang asked authorities.

He revealed that he has been trafficking cats for 20 years. For his business, he killed around 100 cats a day and even trafficked cats off to other provinces.

Huang made about $435 a day.

Huang’s operations were reportedly extremely brutal. He kept the animals in small cages and bags, and he drowned them before skinning them.

When authorities raided his facilities, they found cats floating in bloody tubs, as well as frozen cats that had been decapitated or split in two.

Only 49 live cats were recovered. They have since been delivered to animal shelters.

Huang’s business has been shut down, but it is unclear if charges will be brought against him. China does not have laws preventing the sale of cat meat or animal abuse.

“[He] lied to gain trust from kind-hearted people, bringing cats back home then killing them in a cruel way before selling them as rabbits,” a spokesman for the Qiming Small Animal Protection Center told the Daily Mail, “We hope relevant authorities would seriously punish this person.”

The day of the raid will be remembered as a day of “pain and hate,” Chengdu Aizhijia Animal Rescue Center founder Ms. Chen wrote online.

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