Michelle Malkin: Grassroots ‘Would Rather Watch Diamond And Silk Than CNN Or Fox News’

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Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Michelle Malkin says the elite media are out of touch with the America that propelled Donald Trump into the White House.

The conservative commentator and host of CRTV.com’s “Michelle Malkin Investigates” explained why in the latest episode of “The Jamie Weinstein Show” podcast, where she also discussed her thoughts on Trump’s election victory, immigration, fake news and much more.


Show Map:

  • On Trump’s victory and her interaction with The Donald (3:46)
  • On the NeverTrump movement (11:58)
  • Why Trump won (14:18)
  • On immigration (20:59)
  • On a possible grassroots rebellion to Trump’s education secretary (29:30)
  • On the Carrier deal (34:51)
  • On the mainstream and conservative media (42:43)
  • On the “fake news” debate (55:48)
  • How to become the next Michelle Malkin (1:05:51)
  • On her influences (1:13:18)

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“I wish that the elite media would kind of get off the whole alt-right thing for a moment and look at the alt-voter,” she said while discussing Trump’s victory. “Stop somebody on the streets where, you know, the New York Times headquarters are or the Washington Post and ask them if they know who Diamond and Silk are?”

[dcquiz] Diamond and Silk are two African-American women Trump supporters who became YouTube sensations during the 2016 election. Trump even featured them at some of his rallies.

Asked whether most of her neighbors in Colorado really know who Diamond and Silk are, Malkin answered emphatically.

“Yes they do!” she said. “They’d rather watch Diamond and Silk than CNN or Fox News, for that matter.”

Malkin is a big critic of the mainstream media and believes the recent push to get social media networks to crackdown on “fake news” is just a pretext by liberals to silence conservative journalists.

“The Macedonian teenagers who are manufacturing that fake news, that’s low hanging fruit,” she said.  “I think we can all agree that that should not have a place in, you know, these social media public square, but this is a tactic and for a lot of calculating people who have been spreading this fake news meme — Hillary Clinton — that’s not what they’re really concerned about. The marginalization of people who operate outside of corporate media, acceptable media, is something that goes back, really, to the Clinton years when they were trying to marginalize talk radio, not only as manufacturers of fake news, but also fomenters of dangerous violence and a climate of hate.”

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