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#NotAllMuslims Admit Yet Another Fake Hate Crime

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At this point, the pattern is utterly predictable:

  1. Muslim terrorists attack
  2. Reporters file “Muslims fear backlash” stories
  3. Hate crime is committed
  4. Hate crime is revealed to be a hoax

Repeat till “woke.”

Here we go again, as Chuck Ross reports:

An 18-year-old Muslim woman has recanted her claim that she was harassed by a group of Donald Trump supporters on a New York City subway car earlier this month, DNA Info is reporting.

Sources tell the website that Yasmin Seweid, a student at Baruch College, said that she made up the story because she was having problems at home and wanted attention. Seweid will also be charged with filing a false police report, according to DNA Info.

If it seems like I’m tired of hearing about “fears of a backlash” every time a Muslim terrorist attacks, this is why.

This young woman wanted attention, and she picked the perfect way to get it. As Stephen Miller (the guy from Heat Street, not the Trump underling) notes:

An unverified accusation was treated as fact* because the accuser was a Designated Victim. They all believed it because they wanted to believe it. Her story confirmed their biases, so it was too good to check. If she had started carrying a mattress over her head, she could’ve been a star.

It’s only a matter of time until we see this headline:

Good work, gatekeepers. Keep asking why nobody trusts you. Keep asking how we got Trump.

*I was going to say “gospel,” but that would be Islamophobic.