Amazon Is Offering Free Two-Hour Shipping Until Midnight Christmas Eve Because It Knows You Don’t Have Your Act Together

Photo via Amazon

Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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In an ideal world, you would be done with your Christmas shopping by now. That way, you could concentrate on your travel plans and being unproductive at work. Instead, there is a high chance you still need to buy gifts this year, and as a result you find yourself frantically scouring the Internet for offers that will arrive in time for the big day.

Amazon must know you don’t have your act together, because right now “Amazon Prime: Now” is offering something pretty radical. Prime: Now is a gift guide hub and it promises “FREE 2-hour delivery ’til midnight Christmas Eve.” What a time to be alive. A few years ago, a delivery promise like that would be unimaginable. In 2016, however, Amazon’s celerity has become old hat. Amazon has everything, and it can get you anything quickly. Wow.

Amazon is offering two-hour shipping (Photo via Amazon)

Amazon is offering two-hour shipping (Photo via Amazon)