No Mr. Soros, America Needs Defending

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Moses Apostaticus Freelance Writer
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Last Wednesday oligarch George Soros wrote an opinion piece for Project Syndicate, a website his Open Society Foundation co-funds. In the article, entitled ‘Open Society Needs Defending,’ Mr. Soros laments that his beloved open societies project is in crisis around the world. According to Mr. Soros, our future is threatened by the rise of so-called closed societies – ‘fascist dictatorships’ and ‘mafia states’. Given that President-elect Trump is mentioned by name in the first sentence, the reference to his recent election victory is clear.

Mr. Soros’ vitriol for President-elect Trump does not end there. Referring to the president-elect as a ‘con artist’ and ‘would-be dictator’, Mr. Soros states blankly that President-elect Trump’s victory represents a crisis for democracy. Apparently only the mainstream media stands between the president-elect and a fascist tyranny. God help us.

There are several problems with these inflammatory statements, not the least of which is that the United States is not a democracy. It is a constitutional republic. Although this distinction would be unimportant to Mr. Soros, it is crucial.

The founders almost unanimously feared an Athenian-style democratic system. They believed it would lead to mob rule, a tyranny of the majority which would make the Union untenable. Given the reaction of many Californians to Hillary Clinton’s defeat, their fear seems to have been justified.

Mr. Soros has demonstrated that he is an expert at mobilizing mobs to achieve political outcomes. This is precisely the type of unaccountable power the founders were seeking to prevent when drafting the Constitution.

As I outlined in a previous op-ed piece published by The Daily Caller, Mr. Soros’ open society ideology is a front for neo-Marxism. When Mr. Soros uses the word democracy, he is referring to a different concept to what most Americans would think of. In Mr. Soros’ mind, an open, democratic society is one without any distinctions of ethnicity, culture, belief or faith. It is populated by people with no identity outside that provided by their economic function. The open society which Mr. Soros is referring to is a borderless society which has, culturally and racially, been put through a blender to make every person in it the same as every other. On the heights down from which Mr. Soros views society, this is utopia.

To those of us who have not drunk the Marxist Kool Aid, this is an abomination. Like all Marxist ideologies, it is a utopian delusion which provides a cover for the totalitarian re-engineering of society to serve the interests of a tiny ruling elite. It’s a useful myth for oligarchs like Mr. Soros to control the political process and play chess with the lives of millions.

In Mr. Soros’ essay, democracy and the open society are treated as synonymous. If his neo-Marxist agenda then is being rejected by the American people, American democracy is in crisis. This reveals the lie at the heart of Mr. Soros’ thinking. The open society agenda is not being driven by the popular will. It has nothing to do with democracy, freedom or any other buzzword that Mr. Soros’ foot-soldiers chant during their violent protests. It is a plan being implemented from the top down to serve the interests of the globalist oligarchy.

In Mr. Soros’ mind, globalization is being rejected in Europe and America because the economic fruits of it were not shared widely enough with the peasantry. Echoing his Occupy Wall St protesters-for-hire, Mr. Soros refers to the ‘1%’ making most of the gains since globalization began during the Clinton administration in the 1990’s. This is disingenuous. The true winners of financial globalization have not been the 1%. This group includes the small business owners and high-earning professionals who drive local economies and bear the greatest tax burden. No, the ones who have made out like bandits from offshoring America’s wealth have been the 0.001% – people like Mr. Soros.

This group also happens to be the plutocrats who have funded both the Democratic and Republican parties for decades, filling the DC swamp in the process. Their political power will be greatly diminished should President-elect Trump actually drain it. To Mr. Soros, this may seem like the actions of a would-be dictator. To everyday Americans, this will seem like the actions of a patriot.

The way Mr. Soros frames the popular reaction against globalization, it is as though the current global anti-establishment revolt is a technical glitch. A hiccup. To Mr. Soros, it has resulted from a minor oversight on the part of the anointed masters of the universe. This is the technocratic worldview of Davos man, looking down on the great unwashed from 40,000 feet.

Even the term ‘globalization’ itself is propaganda. What Mr. Soros is actually referring to is the deindustrialization of Western nations and the handing-over of their productive capacity, and thus their wealth-generation capabilities, to nations such as China. For American workers across what is now the rust belt, globalization was not a glitch. It has been an unmitigated catastrophe and a betrayal of America.

It has not been a triumph of economic justice that an Asian middle class has replaced the American middle class over the last 20 years. It has been a travesty of America’s national interest that our descendants will pay for dearly. When President-elect Trump says ‘America first!’, he means that the offshoring of American wealth stops now. That’s why the crowds roar when he says it. It doesn’t mean they are fascists, Mr. Soros. It means they are Americans.