Good News: Meryl Streep Probably Won’t Get Arrested For #SpeakingTruthToPower

Jim Treacher | Blogger

If there’s one thing I know about Meryl Streep, it’s that she gave a speech at last night’s Golden Globes that was all about how terrible Donald Trump is. And if there’s one thing I know about that speech, it’s that she was incredibly brave to say such things in front of a crowd of Hollywood bigshots. Just imagine the persecution she’ll suffer in the entertainment industry.

But she’ll probably stay out of jail, at least. Whew!

Take that, Republicans. Did you think you could throw her in a gulag for daring to dissent against your precious leader? Well… ha!

Seriously, though: Why is the White House being asked about this? They don’t need to comment on this, other than, “She gave an acceptance speech at an awards show, and we really have no opinion except that she was great in Death Becomes Her.”

She hates Trump. So what? She gets to hate anybody she wants. This will only benefit her career. I mean, she’s already being painted as a victim. By the White House. On the left, there’s no greater currency than that.


(Hat tip: Mark Knoller)

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