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Chelsea Manning, Who Is Actually A Genetic Male Named Bradley, May Be Freed By Obama

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As the last 8 years have taught us, laws mean whatever the Democrats tell us they mean. Laws should apply only to the people who are out of favor with the left, and their friends should be immune. That pertains to both the laws of man and the laws of nature.

Cynthia McFadden, Kevin Monahan, William M. Arkin, and Tracy Connor, NBC News:

President Obama has put Chelsea Manning, the former Army intelligence analyst serving a 35-year sentence for leaking classified material, on his short list for a possible commutation, a Justice Department source told NBC News…

Manning — then known as Bradley — was locked up in 2010 after swiping 700,000 military files and diplomatic cables and giving them to Wikileaks…

Manning has been receiving hormone therapy at the Leavenworth military prison and is allowed to wear women’s undergarments, but a military doctor recently refused to change her gender on her Army records.

Careful, Doc! If you doubt anthropogenic global warming, you’re a “science denier.” But if you refuse to submit to the fiction that a genetic male is woman, you’re a “bigot.”

I kinda hope Obama frees this traitor. Do it. What a perfect capper to the identity-politics nightmare of the past decade. “You betrayed your country? Well, I guess we can let it slide. It’s just not fair to lock you up, now that you’ve put on a wig and given yourself a girl’s name.”

Plus, I assume that if Mr. Manning is freed, he’ll have to pay for his own sex change. Taxpayers won’t have to foot the bill for his snippage. (That’s another thing I don’t get: If he’s already a “she,” then why does “she” need a sex change? Why can’t “she” just use “her” imagination about that too?)

Sure, the Trump people don’t like me because I won’t join the cult, but at least for the next four years I won’t be expected to refer to this creep Manning as “her” and “she.” Those days are over. That way doesn’t work.

Sorry if that triggers you, Bradley. Tough it out, sir.