The Trump Inauguration Committee’s Political Outsider


Anna Massoglia Policy Researcher
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Alongside the big names on Trump’s Transition team are lesser known businessmen and philanthropists who made their impact outside the world of politics. Among these is Lloyd Claycomb II. A prominent American businessman and philanthropist, Lloyd Claycomb was a relative political outsider under the 2016 election cycle, but has already started making big waves within the Republican Party and holds the potential to be a major player in the next administration.

Lloyd Claycomb founded United Builders Service in 1978 and worked hard to build the company’s reputation from the ground up—turning a $5000 starter loan from his father into a multimillion dollar business. Since 1978, the company has specialized in large construction and development projects such as hospitals, churches, government buildings, and residential facilities. Having completed more than 50,000 residential units along with hundreds of commercial projects over the years, United Builders Service has earned wide acclaim across the country.

His son, Lloyd Claycomb III, came onto the leadership team to oversee operations on its day-to-day basis in 2012. The father-son team have continued grow the company and build upon its reputation as one of Colorado’s premier specialty construction firms.

Lloyd Claycomb II has leveraged his business success as the founder and CEO of United Builders Service and strong community ties to become an active supporter of philanthropic efforts. Alongside his wife Karen, Lloyd Claycomb has wasted no opportunity to do support various charitable endeavors and community causes.

The Claycombs devoted extensive time and resources to charitable causes, taking an active role beyond contributions to the philanthropic efforts they support. Respected nonprofit resources have pointed to Mr. Claycomb’s fundraising efforts as an example of successful philanthropic partnerships and relationship building. Among these many charitable efforts, the Claycomb’s contributions to increasing awareness about autism have made a substantial impact promoting causes that educate various professional communities to improve their capacity to serve individuals with autism.

When asked about his philanthropic work, Mr. Claycomb has said “It is my personal belief that we need to share in the blessings we have been fortunate to have received in our lives with those who most need it.”

That drive to give back has drawn Mr. Claycomb to numerous other charitable endeavors, holding board positions and remaining active in a breadth of philanthropic causes. Lloyd Claycomb has held board positions with Our Children International, Maranatha International Volunteers, Design Builders of Montana, AviBree Real Estate Holding, Inc. and the Grand Canyon State Bank. In addition to his extensive involvement domestically, Mr. Claycomb has also said he has a “special place in his heart” for Central and South America, personally working in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Belize. During his tenure with Maranatha International Volunteers, he spent weeks living in the jungle serving the needs of locals and helping to build orphanages.

Lloyd Claycomb recently joined the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Youth Assistance Foundation’s board of directors, supporting programs that prevent youth violence and promote positive interaction with law enforcement.  Just this week, sources close to Mr. Claycomb confirmed that has also been made a National Director of the Navy League of the United States.

Having run a business that has been established in communities for years, the Claycombs have established themselves as well-known influencers in the nonprofit sector and are known for also being well-connected with other movers and shakers.

Having achieved such success as a business tycoon and philanthropist, Lloyd Claycomb has also established himself as an up-and-coming political figure in recent years. In 2010, former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer appointed Mr. Claycomb to the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct. The commission serves to adjudicate the conduct of judges throughout the state of Arizona.

Mr. Claycomb’s business and fundraising expertise made him a clear asset to the President-elect’s campaign, resulting in a continued role during the presidential transition. A number of figures in the Trump Transition team did not jump on the “Trump Train” until the President-elect’s nomination was inevitable or even until the aftermath of his largely unforeseen victory. Lloyd Claycomb, however, was an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump’s presidential run since early on in the 2016 election.

As one of the larger bundlers to raise funds through Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee’s joint finance operation as the then-presumptive GOP nominee prepared to take on Hillary Clinton in the general election. Mr. Claycomb has continued to be an active fundraiser for the Republican Party this election cycle, participating in the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland where he was reported as discussing policy changes with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. Mr. Claycomb went on to be appointed to be a 2016 State Victory Finance Chair as a part of the RNC and Trump campaign’s effort to deepen their mutual commitment to expanding a nationwide network of dedicated supporters.

After playing a leading role in campaigning for President-elect Donald Trump, Lloyd Claycomb was appointed to the Transition Finance and Inauguration committee in December 2016. The President-elect met with some of his biggest supporters and financial contributors following these appointments to Trump’s Transition Finance Committee, where he personally thanked Mr. Claycomb for his support as one of the largest contributors to the Trump presidential campaign.

Mr. Claycomb has also taken an interest in politics at the state and regional level across the Midwest, attending private dinner fundraising for California congressmen Ed Royce and Devin Nunes alongside other members of Donald Trump’s Transition Finance and Inauguration committees just last week. Following Mr. Claycomb’s pivotal role in the Trump campaign and on the Trump transition team, Lloyd Claycomb will be attending the President-elect’s inauguration in January 2017.

A driving force behind the Trump campaign and transition team, it is clear Lloyd Claycomb’s presence will continue to be made known in the next White House administration.