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Stephen Colbert Forgets Who’s Been POTUS Since 2009

(YouTube/screen shot)

I know Stephen Colbert has been busy trying to hold on to second place in the late-night ratings, but maybe he should pick up a newspaper now and then. He’s already forgotten who the president is!

See, the reason this joke from this professional comedian is so funny is that millennials say things like “YAAAS.” Which is true! They do say things like that.

But why does Stephen think this is happening to them? Why are their incomes suffering when compared to those of their parents? Is it Bush’s fault? Is it Trump’s fault? Is it Bush’s fault and Trump’s fault?

I guess we all know whose fault it isn’t: the guy who’s been POTUS for those millennials’ entire adult lives.

Colbert is hardly alone. Pretty much all of the media and the Democrats (pardon the redundancy) have been afflicted with the same strange form of amnesia. For most of the past decade, they’ve told us that Barack Obama is the Greatest President in American History. Yet now, they’re already airbrushing him out of their memories. All the bad things over the past 8 years just sorta… happened.

Funny stuff, Stephen!