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Roger Stone Calls CNN’s Ana Navarro An ‘Air-Head Dumbo’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Somehow Donald Trump aficionado Roger Stone has not warmed to CNN Contributor Ana Navarro.

In February, CNN abruptly kicked Stone off its airwaves when he began hail storming the network’s GOP strategist Ana Navarro with barbs. Not boring insults, either. He went on Twitter and called her a “entitled diva bitch.” He also said she’s “dumber than dog shit.” And the cherry on top of his shit sundae: “Pompous shithead.”

In more private settings he’d say she was not nice to ordinary people or the “little people” who work in the TV business.

This week the typically tanned Floridian blasted her once again by announcing that she will appear at a speaker series at Broward College on January 23. He plans to be there.

The price to watch her speak: $50.85.

The topic: The political landscape in Washington. Throughout the 2016 presidential race, Navarro was violently opposed to Trump and said so every chance she got.

Stone thinks the event will be worth every penny since he plans to confront her.

“Air-head dumbo @ananavarro gets confronted and exposed on. Jan 23 / Be there,” he recently wrote on Twitter, completely with the hashtag: #dumbasabrick.

The Mirror requested a comment from Navarro.