Kellyanne Conway To Hollywood: Get Off Your ‘High Horse’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Kellyanne Conway said celebrities who blasted president Donald Trump’s immigration ban during the Screen Actors Guild Award show Sunday should get off their “high horse.”

On Monday, the president’s counselor pointed out Hollywood’s hypocrisy on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” over their fierce opposition to the president’s recent executive order that would temporarily prohibit migration from Muslim-majority seven countries while being silent when it comes to protesting things like “veterans dying for care” at VA hospitals. (RELATED: Kellyanne Conway: ‘We Have To Say Thank You’ To The Media For Helping ‘Us Win’)

“Keeping the country safe is the president’s first obligation and why would you delay implementation of a measure that’s meant to meet that objective of keeping the country safe,” Conway said. “His first objective is not to mollify protestors who will never be happy even after they benefit from his roll back of regulations and his tax relief packages, his infrastructure, and his making health care affordable,accessible, more patient centric in nature. Even though the protractors, the protesters, the nay-sayers they will never be happy, that’s fine. The president is the president of all Americans.”

“What are these senators doing stoking protests at airports,” she added. “They never get this excited when they walk by homeless people in New York and Washington every single day and ignore them. They never protest outside VA hospitals where veteran’s are dying for care.”

“Everybody with their sweeping grand statements at another award show last night, talking about ‘you are welcome in our country,’ ‘come here,'” she continued. “What are they talking about. Why didn’t they do what mattered in Syria which was rescue these kids who are now dead, women turning to suicide over rape. Where the hell where they when these kids were washed up on the shores?”

“I mean all these people riding around on their high horses. They didn’t fly over to Aleppo and try to intervene in the humanitarian crisis we have been witnessing. This guy Donald Trump he’s been president on the job for nine days or 10 days. Barack Obama and these senators who are curdling and Hollywood they were in charge for 8 years and what they wrought is what we inherited. At least this president in the early hours and days of his administration is doing what every president’s first job is to keep our country, its interests, its allies and its people safe.”