UC Riverside Student Leaders Vote To Ban Sabra Hummus

Jason Chulack Reporting Intern
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The Associated Students of University of California – Riverside voted on Wednesday night to remove Sabra Hummus from all campus dining services, The Highlander reports.

Student leaders voted 13-0-1 in favor of the resolution to kick Sabra Hummus off campus. Sabra’s joint owner, the Strauss Group, is the largest food products company in Israel and has financially supported the Israeli military, according to the New York Times.

Students who supported the measure were “troubled” by funds that could potentially go to Israeli settlements by purchasing Sabra Hummus in their campus cafeteria.

UC Riverside said in a statement released on Thursday: “The University has no plans to change brands offered for sale or consumption in its stores and dining facilities. We remind all that the UCR Principles of Community apply.”

This isn’t the first time the southern California campus has experienced this issue either, a university spokesman told The Daily Caller. In 2015, UC Riverside initially replaced the Sabra brand with a gluten-free alternative called “Tapaz 2 go” in compliance with student demand, without realizing the underlying political issue, according to the Los Angeles Times. The university later called their decision a “mistake” and offered the Sabra brand along with the gluten-free alternative.

The Sabra Hummus boycott has been an ongoing issue that isn’t unique to UC Riverside’s campus. Palestinian students and supporters at Princeton University and DePaul University challenged Sabra’s chick-pea dip in 2010.

Jason Chulack