President Trump Defends Executive Order On Immigration While Addressing Law Enforcement


Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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President Trump cited security concerns as he defended his executive order that restricts immigration while addressing police chiefs and sheriffs in Washington on Wednesday morning.


(Photo: YouTube screen grab)

As the president read excerpts from his executive order, he implied that the country would be in trouble if the courts ruled against it.

“We are in an area that, let’s just say, they are interpreting things differently than probably 100 percent of the people in this room,” Trump said at the Major Cities Chiefs Association winter conference. “I’m going to read what’s in dispute. This was done for security — something you people know more about than all of us. It was done for the security of our nation, so people who come in aren’t going to do us harm. It couldn’t have been written any more precisely. It was written beautifully.”

“A bad high school student could understand this,” he continued. “Anybody could understand this.” (RELATED: New Poll Shows Most Americans Support President Trump’s Immigration Ban)

“I listened to lawyers on both sides last night, and they were talking about things that had nothing to do with it. I will not comment on the statements made by, certainly one judge. If these judges wanted to, in my opinion, help the court in terms of respect of the court, they do what they should be doing. It’s so sad. I watched last night in amazement, and I heard things I couldn’t believe — things that really had nothing to do with what I just read. Courts seem to be so political. It would be great if they could read a statement and do what’s right. Right now, we are at risk because of what happened.”

“So there it is, folks. It’s as plain as you could have it. I was a good student. I understand things. I listened to a bunch of stuff last night on television that was disgraceful. What I just read to you is what we have. It can’t be written any plainer or better.”

“We want security,” Trump said.

“One of the reasons I was elected is because of law and order and security. Also, jobs and lots of other things, but I think one of the strongest reasons is security. They’re taking away our weapons one by one, and you know it and I know it. We need security in our country, and we have to allow you folks to do your job. This is a weapon that you need, and they’re trying to take it away from you, maybe because of politics.”

Donald Trump

(Photo: YouTube screen grab)

Trump then moved on to thanking law enforcement. He told them they had “a friend in the White House.”

“We support the men and women of law enforcement,” he said. “We will do whatever you can to help you meet your demands. That includes a zero tolerance policy for acts of violence against law enforcement. We all see what happens and what’s been happening to you. It’s not fair. We must protect those who protect us.” (RELATED: Donald Trump: John Lewis Was Grandstanding, Got Caught Lying)