Another Day, Another MSNBC Panel PMS’ing Over The Daily Caller’s White House Coverage [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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The panel on MSNBC’s Wednesday broadcast of “Last Word” absolutely melted while breaking down President Trump’s relationship with the press corps, specifically his willingness to bypass establishment media for outlets such as The Daily Caller.

Guest host Ari Melber opened the segment by first asking MTV News senior political correspondent Ana Marie Cox, “what do you make of this approach to press denial?”


“Well, like, I mean — in my ideal world — two can play at that game,” Cox responded. “Like… I mean, stop sending people to the White House? I mean…”

“Well that would be a victory for them,” Melber noted. “Then you’d have Daily Caller and Gateway Pundit asking questions.”

“Well, right, but would that be a victory?” Cox added. “I mean… you know, anyway why would they be there? Wouldn’t it like be better to just deprive him of oxygen, I mean, that’s, like, what’s happening right? I mean, like, in general… Like, why?”

“I mean, like, I think that’s what’s going to happen, and I’m not opposed to that,” she continued. “I guess I’m just trying to think outside the box because we have a president who is very much outside the box, you know?”

Melber then posed to MSNBC contributor Jamil Smith, “Ana is urging us to think outside the butt.”


“Yeah I agree with her,” Smith responded. “Send in the interns. Send in the interns to the press briefing to these, uh, these staged events with world leaders. Send the interns into the Oval Office when he takes these questions and ignores them.”

“Meanwhile, those White House correspondents can be outside the White House, doing journalism, doing investigation because frankly there’s just so much fodder for doing that.”

Dear Jamil,

Simpsons did it.




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