Thirtysomething Teacher Gets The Slammer For Traumatizing Teens With Oral Sex, Text Messages

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A 39-year-old female high school teacher in Connecticut busted for providing a 17-year-old male student with oral sex and sending suggestive texts to a 15-year-old student has been sentenced to 3 years in prison.

The teacher, Allison Marchese, taught English at Daniel Hand High School in the genteel coastal suburb of Madison, Connecticut when she was arrested back in 2015.

Marchese, who was 37 at the time, provided oral sex to the 17-year-old male student, according to court records obtained contemporaneously by New Haven ABC affiliate WTNH.

The incident unfolded in the teacher’s classroom right in the middle of the school day, the court records say. Marchese asked the student to stop by. He did. She locked the classroom door behind him. She closed the blinds.

The events leading up to the star-crossed sexual encounter included the requisite exchanges of indecent photos on social media beforehand.

After the in-school rendezvous was over, police said, the 17-year-old student “freaked out.” He then concocted a plan to blackmail Marchese. For $200, court records say, he would keep quiet about the forbidden classroom love.

Marchese did not react compliantly. Instead, police said at the time, Marchese, who is a Canadian citizen, threatened the student concerning her father’s “mafia ties.” He “would never play football again” if he squealed, she allegedly said, according to cops. (RELATED: Cops: Teacher Warned Teen Of ‘Mafia Ties’ When He Tried Blackmailing Her Over Mind-Blowing Sex Trauma)

As for the 15-year-old student, a warrant stated that Marchese sent him a bunch of texts telling him, for example, how handsome he is.

The unidentified student said receiving these texts was really hard. He had trouble sleeping and concentrating in class, he said, according to the New Haven Register.

Parents of the students testified at Marchese’s sentencing hearing on Friday. The two students also provided statements.

Marchese persistently tried to contact the 15-year-old student despite the fact that he told her “not to do so,” assistant state’s attorney David Strollo said at the hearing.

An attorney from the Victim Rights Center of Connecticut, Maura Crossin, read the statement of one of the students.

“Because of the power of rumors, my name got out. I became an outcast. I wanted to fit in, so this was painful,” the statement said, according to the Register.

The mother of one of the students said her son still suffers “emotionally, physically and psychologically” because of the trauma Marchese caused.

“Sexual assault is not sexy,” the mad mother said, adding that Marchese is a “sexual predator” with “no remorse.”

“My son will rise above this nightmare,” she also promised, according to the New Haven newspaper.

William F. Dow III, Marchese’s attorney, noted that Marchese is the mother of two children and that “her marriage has been shattered.”

Marchese’s husband, Robert Marchese, had told police that his wife had become fixated on “social media and working out” in the months before she traumatized the male teens with oral sex and text messages.

The Marcheses are now divorced.

Cradle, the judge, sentenced Marchese to three years in prison, with a fourth year to be suspended.

The charges against Marchese included unlawful restraint, reckless endangerment, harassment and making an illegal threat.

Strollo, the district attorney, asked the judge to preserve criminal evidence in the case because “attorneys representing the victims have concurrent civil actions.”

Along with Marchese, the deep-pocketed local school board is also a defendant in these ongoing civil lawsuits over the classroom oral sex and the text messages.

Marchese did not speak at the sentencing hearing except to answer the judge’s yes-or-no questions.

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