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Legos Are Rocketing Past The Patriarchy With ‘Women of NASA’ Set

REUTERS/Mike Blake

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Have you ever wanted to work at NASA, even though you’re a girl? But you just weren’t sure how to go about it because your childhood Legos set never taught you how? Then here’s some great news!

Merrit Kennedy, NPR:

Five storied female NASA pioneers will soon grace toy-store shelves, in Lego form.

The Danish company announced on Tuesday that it would produce the Women of NASA set, submitted by science writer Maia Weinstock…

The set features Katherine Johnson, the NASA mathematician whose story was featured in the recent film Hidden Figures.

Other broads dames strong intelligent NASA women being honored with their own blocky plastic figurines are Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride, Nancy Grace Roman, and Mae Jemison.

Which is pretty cool. Those women deserve to be remembered. Representation (or diversity, or whatever the buzzword is this week) is a fine idea. And unlike Bernie Sanders, I’ve always believed that more choices are better than fewer. Giving parents of little girls a choice is good. Whether it’s toys or movies or comic books or anything else, there’s nothing wrong with producing a wide variety of things for anyone who wants to consume them.

But of course, Democrats have to make it completely annoying. Again.

“Children can’t be what they can’t see.” This is, of course, dumb. Since the dawn of time, children have grown up to be things they never saw. In fact, all of the women depicted in these Lego playsets were able to accomplish great things despite never having toys depicting women doing those things.

But “Children can’t be what they can’t see” rhymes, which is the important thing.

There’s nothing wrong with honoring people who achieve greatness, even if you’re honoring them with something as seemingly inconsequential as Legos. There’s nothing wrong with showing little girls the things they can do when they grow up. After all, America is a place where anyone can become a senator, even someone as stupid as Kamala Harris.

(Hat tip: Derek Hunter)