Southern Illinois University Hosts Library ‘Nap-Ins’ To Have ‘Dreams Of Diversity’

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Southern Illinois University’s Morris Library is now hosting “nap-ins” to help students dream of diversity.

Marissa Amposta, a “student coordinator” at the university is holding four two-hour naps in the library this month to “internally generate student dreams of diversity,” the Daily Egyptian reports.

The naps will be part of the Dreaming Diversity Art Installation, which is part of Women’s History Month and apparently real.

After the students sleep, they can write their dreams down and pin them to a fabric scroll, which will later be discussed at a panel of women for Women’s History Month.

Nicole Tabor, a university employee at the Women’s Resource Center told the Daily Egyptian, “People forget we are still working for equality,” adding “(i)t might never happen if we stop fighting.”

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