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Moose Charges Snowboarders In Colorado

REUTERS/Yves Herman

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I have mixed feelings about the following item. As longtime readers know, I consider animals to be not only dumb, but a murderous threat to all humanity. On the other hand… can snowboarders really be considered human?

Fox31 Denver:

Snowboarder Cheri Luther and her friend Amy Loofa were making a run at Breckenridge on Friday morning when a galloping moose joined them…

“Afraid to stop in the middle of an open run while strapped to my snowboard, I thought it best to keep moving and get out of the animal’s way. It was a crazy sight to see and definitely one we won’t forget!”

Bad Bullwinkle. Bad!

That moose has now been tranquilized and relocated, which is a better fate than the one I’d like to see. I’ve always wanted to try some of Sarah Palin’s famous moose chili.