Ramos: ‘The Fact Is This Country Is Changing’ [VIDEO]

Hrand Tookman Contributor
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While rejecting the accusation that he celebrates racial and ethnic division, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos insisted on CNN that his opponents want to “make America white again.”


In the wake of Rep. Steve King’s comments on immigration and assimilation, “AC360” host Anderson Cooper asked Ramos, “what’s your response — essentially saying you’re trying to drive a wedge between race and ethnicity?”

Ramos’ answer touched on what he calls a “Latino wave,” and went on to discuss America’s changing demographics.

“The fact is that this country is changing. There’s a demographic revolution,” he explained. “It’s not what I think, it’s what is actually happening.”

He proceeded to roll out what’s arguably become his new catchphrase.

“What I’m concerned about is what he’s saying in that — he might, with the support of the White House, or some people in the White House — he might want to make America white again. That’s not the United States that I know. That’s not the United States that I celebrate and love.”