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Reporter Who Quit Breitbart News Has Advice For Ex-Employer: STOP SUCKING UP TO DADDY

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Some 24 hours have passed since Lee Stranahan quit Breitbart News after the site’s Political Editor Matthew Boyle deep-sixed the reporter’s right to attend White House briefings.

Now Stranahan has advice for his ex-employer: Stop being delusional. Stop being crazy.

Screen grab/Periscope.

In passionately whacky — and yet compelling — videos he posts on Periscope, Stranahan has spent the past few days getting a lot off his chest. Some might call it verbal vomit. But like a car wreck on the highway, it’s hard to look away.

In his latest delicious outpouring, he told the blindly pro-President Trump Breitbart that they’re actually HURTING Trump.

Wait. What?

“I cared about Breitbart and I wanted the best things for Breitbart on Monday and I care about them today,” Stranahan said in his video. “That’s why I’m saying to you if you’re listening Breitbart: WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING? WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY?”

Stranahan said he was holding an “intervention” for his former employer. If you’ve watched the show, you’ll follow along easily. He considers himself the “crying mom” and the “stern dad” from TV’s “Intervention.” The program tries to save alcoholics and drug addicts from themselves by uniting them with their families for crazy screaming crying sessions in a somber living room setting.

“I really hope you’re listening,” he said speaking directly to his ex-employer. “Cause you didn’t listen to me much when I worked there. So I hope you’re listening to me now. Ya dig? Pay attention. This ain’t RyanCare. Now I’m looking at your front page and I got the sads. This healthcare bill is not RyanCare. I’m going to say it again. Boom. It is not RyanCare.”

Despite his case of the “sads,” the site’s former reporter said he wants to make Breitbart News “smarter.”

Later in the video, he turned into Dr. Drew and mimicked what he thought the TV doctor might say if he hosted an intervention for Breitbart because the site is the “opiate addict who thinks they can fly.”

This is when things really got pretty nutty.

“Listen Breitbart, you are aware of the fact that Donald Trump is supporting this bill, correct?” he asked. “Now, Breitbart, if they’re doing the intervention thing, they’re going to run out of the room. Dr. Drew comes back. We need to establish something. You are aware that Donald Trump supports this bill, correct? …So when you call it RyanCare it doesn’t actually make it RyanCare. It’s a bill that Donald Trump supports, ya see. …You’re not actually changing reality with your mind. …All you’re doing is looking dumb. That’s all you’re doing.”

A little more free advice: “You look really dumb to everybody in the outside world,” he said. “…Everybody here watching this knows, right, that Donald Trump is supporting this bill.”

This is when the Stranahan — who actually deserves some respect for calling his ex-site out — raised the pitch of his voice and leaped into cartoonland.

“As a Trump supporter, I am a Trump supporter…HELLO…I’m a Trump supporter. I support Trump. Do you know what I don’t support? CRAZY. That’s what I don’t support. I don’t support CRAZY. Wah. That’s what it is, it’s RyanCare. That’s what I don’t support. Ya dig? You’ve gone mental and you’re not fooling anybody. …What you’re doing is you’re making yourself look bad to the outside world, you’re pandering to the worst elements of your readership who will just go along in complete denail that DT might have actually made a mistake. And, you’re making Breitbart right now look like [they’re] in the tank for Trump like we’ll just say anything to support Donald because we love daddy so much. It’s a bad move.”

Stranahan explained that even if you are a Trump supporter you should back the Prez by telling readers the truth. What he thinks Breitbart ought to be saying:

“As a Trump supporter, we think this is a mistake on Donald Trump’s part,” he said. “We think Donald Trump should not be doing this. And it’s going to be the albatross around his neck for a little while. …You don’t help people by catering to their delusions.”

The ex-Breitbart reporter reasoned, “I’m trying to help you, Breitbart.”

And with that, he tried to appeal to their better selves.

“As pissed off as you are right now at me, I’m your only friend,” he said. “…I don’t want you to look so dumb.”

Stranahan concluded his “intervention” by calling for a coup at Breitbart.

Ya dig?