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‘Lone Wolf’ Khalid Masood Was Shot Down 100 Yards Away From Theresa May

REUTERS/Metropolitan Police/Handout

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Khalid Masood killed four people and injured 50 more during his motiveless rampage in front of the British Houses of Parliament. As bad as it was, it could’ve been even worse.

Nick Parker, The Sun:

THIS is the moment Theresa May was rushed from Parliament by armed guards to a waiting car — as the Westminster terror attack unfolded 100 yards away.

Exclusive video obtained by The Sun shows that lone wolf jihadi Khalid Masood got dangerously close to the PM.

Mrs May emerged from the building towards her car with clear archways between her and the spot Masood was gunned down.

The video doesn’t show where Masood was in relation to May, but it doesn’t look like her security guys were ready for what happened:

She’s okay, which should come as a relief to the real victims here: Muslims. If an Islamic terrorist had assassinated the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, just imagine how it would’ve affected Muslims all over the world. They would’ve had to put up with a bunch of journalists constantly underfoot, asking if they’re okay and scribbling down every imaginable microaggression. What a nuisance that would’ve been.

The search for Masood’s motive continues. We know he wasn’t motivated by Islam, which is of course the Religion of Peace™. He was a lone wolf (as are the 9 other guys who have been arrested in connection with the attack). He was born and raised in the UK, so it could be anything, really. Maybe his favorite “football” team lost. Maybe he was unhappy with the series finale of Sherlock. Maybe he didn’t like all the heat Drake has been taking about Giggs. There’s really no way of knowing why this happened, so we should all just forget it ever did.

Nothing to see here. Move it along, racists.

(Hat tip: Barbara Tasch)