‘An Act Of War’: Democrats React To Syrian Bombing On Twitter

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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The news of targeted air strikes on a military base in Syria saw a mixed reaction from congressional Democrats on Twitter. Some supported the action, most disapproved.

Among those unhappy with President Donald Trump’s decision to bomb Syria was Former Hillary Clinton vice-presidential running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine called the bombing “unconstitutional.”

Though Kaine did want it known he does think Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a “brutal dictator,” he called the President’s action “unlawful.”

Congresswoman Barbra Lee of California, who said the President needed to get approval from Congress before taking action.

Another California Democrat, Ted Lieu, said this puts U.S. troops in harm’s way.

Arizona Democrat and Iraq war veteran Ruben Gallego wants to know what comes next.

Former Marine and Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton used the attack to criticize the President’s attempts to pause the refugee program.

Michigan Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence was more subtle.

Senate Minority Leader Dick Durbin of Illinois called the attack “measured,” insisted any further action would require Congressional approval.

Not all Democrats were upset by the President’s action. Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson voiced his support for the strikes.

This post will be updated as more reactions come in.