Sanctuary City Mayor Defends Policy: ‘It’s Easy For White Men Like Us’

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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Lansing, Michigan is refusing to comply with federal immigration officials in order to keep the city safe, according to Lansing Mayor Virgil Bernero.

Bernero also said it is easy for “white men” to take a hard line on enforcement.

“We’re not looking for Donald Trump’s leadership and if you want to know what makes people safe, what makes people safe, in terms of the police, is relationships with [the] community,” Bernero said Wednesday night on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Bernero argued that his city is getting safer by focusing on community involvement rather than the police being seen as “an occupying force.”

Carlson pressed Bernero on his description of the police as an “occupying force,” asking, “People come into your country illegally and all of a sudden you’re oppressing them? What?”

Bernero reiterated his support for community-police relationships, adding, “It’s easy for white men like us to say that, who are in the majority who enjoy what we enjoy, but the fact is —.”

Tucker responded, “I was taking you seriously in the beginning, but this is just buffoonish. Now it’s like, I’m a white man so my views on this are less material or something.”

The Lansing mayor continued, “That’s your perspective. Try to walk in another man’s shoes, though. Walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes.”

Carlson took issue with Bernero’s race-based generalizations.

Bernero responded by encouraging that he consider other peoples’ perspectives — adding, “Did you ever get pulled over for driving while white?”

“Now we’re just getting into completely crazy talk,” Tucker said at the conclusion of the interview. “You’re making generalizations based on race and demeaning your office.”

On Monday, in defiance of the Trump administration’s efforts to tamp down on sanctuary city policies, the Lansing City Council voted to become the first city in Michigan to adopt a resolution designating itself as a “sanctuary city.”

Bernero told Carlson on Wednesday that he does not believe that the Trump administration will act on its threat to withdraw federal funding for sanctuary cities and if it does he will fight it.