Zuckerberg: ‘Bunch Of People Sitting In A Room In California’ Shouldn’t Be Deciding Everyone’s Values


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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that “a bunch of people sitting in a room in California is not going to be the best way” to reflect the world’s values, in an interview published Tuesday.

The tech leader’s original lengthy mission statement called “Building Global Community” addressed a number of insights he had for his social media company moving forward, with the primary focus being on globalization and potential benefits.

“At the very end of your letter you mention building a global voting system. You’re not talking about political voting. What is that about?” Robert Safian of Fast Company asked Zuckerberg, referencing the manifesto written in February. (RELATED: Facebook Continues Quest For World Dominance, Starts Hiring In Africa)

“I was talking about collective decision making,” Zuckerberg answered, adding that its difficult to set community standards that will satisfy all two billion people who use the social network.

He explains that the world is so culturally diverse that what might be right and reasonable for some, may be the exact opposite for others.

“In some places, the idea that showing a woman’s breasts would be controversial feels backwards” Zuckerberg said, explaining that to certain parts of the world a partially or fully naked woman can be considered art. “But there are other places where images that are at all sexually suggestive, even if they don’t show nudity, just because of a pose, that’s over the line.” (RELATED: London’s Muslim Mayor Bans Sexy Women In Advertisements)

That’s why Zuckerberg appears to be trying to clarify points made in his manifesto, which some argued was “ill-defined,” highly “political,” a “blueprint for destroying journalism,” and a “scary dystopian document.”

He wants to make sure that Facebook is not trying to push their values on people, but rather “trying to reflect what the community thinks.” (RELATED: Zuckerberg Suddenly Reconsiders Forcing Hawaiians Off Their Land)

“We have come to this realization that a bunch of people sitting in a room in California is not going to be the best way to reflect all the local values that people have around the world,” Zuckerberg said in the interview. “So we need to evolve the systems for collective decision making.”

Safian presses Zuckerberg on such a notion, offering a hypothetical where the global community says “Jews are not human and they should be put to death.”

Zuckerberg said there will always be situations where limits should be imposed.

“How do you determine where those lines are? Those lines are being drawn by a bunch of people in California also, right?” Safian questioned.

“This stuff is never perfect, but I think right now there is a lot of opportunity to improve a lot of people’s experience by creating more of a range,” Zuckerberg replied, adding that child pornography, for example, will never be permitted, but a broader sense of what’s reasonable to share will be embraced.

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