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They Found Shia Again?

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I figured they would. I should’ve known it would be this fast. Once these guys smell blood…

First, Shia LaBeouf tried protesting Trump with a webcam on a city street. Then he tried putting up a “He Will Not Divide” us flag in various locations. Neither of those ideas worked because he kept getting trolled like hell, so now he’s doing some sort of art installment where he’s living in a remote cabin somewhere in Finland, and his only contact with the outside world is texting with people in a museum. (Don’t ask me the point, man, it wasn’t my idea.)

Now his tormentors who ruined his previous attempts at Art with a Capital A may have tracked him down again. William Hicks, Heat Street:

After numerous defeats to his #HeWillNotDivideUs project, Shia LaBeouf and his art collective launched a new project, #AloneTogether…

LaBeouf’s mortal enemies, the users of various online message boards like 4chan, 8chan and Ylilauta (Finnish 4chan) are dead set on finding these remote cabins and trolling the Transformers star.

Looks like they’re in the neighborhood, at least.

They’ve narrowed it down to that type of cabin, cross-referenced it with rental information across the country, and probably other stuff that most people wouldn’t bother with because, after all, it’s only Shia LaBeouf.

I never saw Eagle Eye, a movie Shia made about 10 years ago, but as I recall, it was about a guy who is relentlessly stalked by an artificial intelligence program (with a sexy lady’s voice) that knows his every move. That’s basically what he’s dealing with here IRL, except Julianne Moore has been replaced with autistic 4chan A-holes.

Part of me wants them all to knock it off. I wish Shia would go back to making movies, and these other guys would go back to… I dunno, whatever else they do with their time. But part of me kinda enjoys the creativity of it all. It’s like Road Runner vs. Wile E. Coyote, but with a cartoon frog battling a cartoonish actor.

Meep-meep! Meme-meme!